abhorrent customer service, thy name is verizon

judging by the comments that were left almost no one will remember this adventure six months ago when, in my shining armor, i attempted to slay the corporate beast known as verizon.  well, that’s a bit much.  all i wanted was my crummy DSL service to work properly.  after many phone calls and several days frustration the issue was remedied.

so i thought.

as  a side note, let me point out that this rant is aimed at verizon corporate, not verizon wireless.  verizon corporate (which semi owns wireless now anyway in order to keep the whole operation from tanking as they have held onto dying technology – land lines, pay phones – far too long and have not scored very well on internet service – which i can attest to –  or tv service – which many others can attest to. I cannot as fios is not available in my densely populated neck of the woods) has been losing $$$ hand over fist for quite some time.


so six months down the road from the previous fix, and i’m being generous with the time frame here, the dsl starts doing the same nonsense it did before, dropping the connection every two or so hours requiring a reboot of the modem each time.  the very same $90 modem i had to buy december 2009 from said corporate gulag.  Here we go again.  I call on tuesday, go through the fifteen minutes of voice prompt selections and never-ending propoganda in my ear telling me all my problems can be solved on their website (that is if i could get to it, you idiot) to speak with a lovely gentleman who did all his line testing and came to the conclusion that a tech needed to visit my house.  again.  we scheduled an appointment for 8am to noon on friday.  the tech would call me from their central office, run additional tests and if the problem persisted he would visit my house. fine.

fast forward to friday.  8am, 9am, 10am…no phone call.  2pm, 3pm…not a word.  at 4:30pm the tech putz calls just to make sure my dsl service has been restored.  how can it restored, numb nuts, no one has called me or been here!  he seemed surprised that things were not hunky-dorey. he runs another battery of tests and sure enough, he needs to come to the house to make the fix…but not today, of course.  he offers the choice of 1pm to 5pm on saturday or the same hours on sunday.  I pick saturday, explicitly stating sunday will not work.  fine.  he’ll call when he’s on his way, confirming some time between 1pm and 5pm saturday.

it’s now 2am sunday morning and not a single word from these bozos.

in this country of free market competition (hack, cough, gasp), my sole alternative for internet service is the local cable conglomerate where it will run me $300 – $400 in set up costs to switch over, including the purchase of yet another different router box.

since he invented this shit, can i send the bill to al gore???


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2 responses to “abhorrent customer service, thy name is verizon

  1. Great post and so damn true! I swear my blood pressure rose just reading this. Our local service provider (Comcast) has an automatic response when you dial in (after a missed appt.) that actually says “oh, I see we missed your appt.” GOSH, YOU THINK??? Ok, see I’m all up in arms now. Your writing is very effective! Good luck – keep us posted!

  2. ridiculous. there’s no excuse for that kind of disservice. give ’em hell.

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