mm – dance extreme

last week was a fairly crappy week, mood wise.  not being depressed enough i revisited some classic 60’s era anti-war YouTubes and was toying between posting some of those.  i may do so yet.

however, with the new week has to come a new attitude.  so i have opted for something a tad more upbeat.  now for those of you who knew the band Extreme only through the ballads Hole-Hearted and More Than Words, you were led astray by the slobbering commercial music industry looking for the dollars.  Extreme is a kick-ass rock band from Boston that suffered at the hands of ivory tower greedheads.  with their first CD, an attempt was made to market the release as  (yet another) late ’80s hair band.  by the time Hole-Hearted hit the airwaves from their second CD, the boys changed their image to a more real appearance.  the song below is from the second CD but prior to the non-hair band direction.  still, turn it up.  it will get you going….and go see Diane for more musical monday goodies

one good surprise…i come to find out Extreme is back at it…a new album that was released two years ago (and where the hell have I been????)  learn somthin’ new every day…


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  1. bwahaha. ok, i was totally fixated on the hoop earrings the one guitarist was wearing and thinking he was going to get something caught in them and have one ripped forcibly from his earlobe. yeah, i know i missed the point…it’s been a long day.

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