verbiage banquet

In a previous post I committed to eating my own literary dribble if my opinion changed from the right bashing I gave The Shack

pass the A-1 please….

That will teach me to jump the gun, judge a book by it’s first few chapters, etc etc.  The second two-thirds of the book is the best writing on God, religion and their places in the world that I’ve read in some time.  I’m not going to go further into the story, you’ll just have to dive into it yourself, if you have not already done so, and judging by how late I’ve come to the party practically everyone else has.



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4 responses to “verbiage banquet

  1. well, i am behind you. i havent’tread it yet. heck, i hadn’t even heard of it until you filleted it.

  2. snowelf

    it’s okay Coops, don’t be too hard on yourself. Books rarely turn around like that, so I’m glad you were pleasantly surprised!!

    I am so bored of the last Harry Potter that I can’t make myself pick it back up. It probably gets better, but I don’t care. 😉


  3. logo™

    I’m so glad you found it worthwhile once you continued. Being that I encouraged you to stay the course I would have felt a bit of a cotton-headed ninny muggins if you’d hated it.
    One of my favorite bits?
    “I don’t create institutions- never have, never will.”

  4. It’s actually the next book I’m going to read. My wife just finished it. She handed it to me and said “prepare to have yourself handed to you”.
    I can’t wait.

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