it’s all in how you look at it…i guess

Who was that 80’s band that sang “one thing leads to another…”?  I’ll look it up later.  the grandkids spent the night so out came the basket of infant toys, all the big multi-shaped plastic doo-hickeys that leave permanent stars, squares and circles imprinted to grandpa’s feet when he steps on them.  One of both girl’s favorites (and the dog’s too when I turn my back for a second) is this musical-rolling-frog thing with big buttons that, when pressed, make different musical sounds.  To give you an idea on the quality level here, I cannot find a picture of it on the internet.  We’re not talking Fisher-Price.  Anyway, the plastic creature from China started sounding like Jim Morrison on mega-quaaludes.  Time for a battery change.

Now, this item cost what, class?  Like $4.99.  And the batteries needed?  Three (count ’em three) watch batteries retailing at $4.99 each.  The math is simple.  The musical-rolling frog thing will be silent from here on.

In my search for a picture of this beast, I entered the site of the vendor from which it was purchased, a little local shop, CVS Pharmacy.  Once on their site I performed a search for “toys”, and got 5 40-item pages of slinkys, spider-man comics, fisher-price goodies, catnip mice (for the cat not the kids), dog toys, etc etc.  Page 5 also listed toys…depending on your definition.

oh yeah…the fixx.  that’ll work…



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4 responses to “it’s all in how you look at it…i guess

  1. $14.98 is cheap if it keeps the grandkids entertained…it does not matter what the toy originally cost.

    I just tried to type “toy” with the left hand accidentally one key off to the right and was quite surprised when “you” appeared on the screen.

    It does make me think that if they still sold that toy, you could just go buy a new one instead of batteries for the old one. Kind of like how people buy a whole new laser printer rather than a pricy replacement toner cartridge. HP and cohorts are beginning to wise up and put “starter” cartridges containing much less toner in with their new printers.

    How much did you spend on records and CDs compared to the cost of your stereo? How much did you spend on DVDs compared to your “home theater”? Tapes and rentals for the VCR? Software for your computer (though that business model is changing – computers are getting dirt cheap but people do not buy much software any more)?


  2. oh em gee…

    cvs really needs some qualifiers on its search terms.

    anyway, i was never a fan of toys with electronic noises. *begins to twitch* i remember a magic wand that played the tinniest version of “swan lake” ever. i was so glad when it broke…then my evil MIL bought the kid a NEW one.

    ..excuse me while i go deal with my bad flashback/PTSD

  3. logo™

    I have performed many a lego-ectomy myself, so I feel your pain on that one.
    My older sister (who was single and childless when I started having kids) liked giving the Things really loud toys. I made a point of passing them on to her offspring. Mwah hah hah

  4. logo™

    You done changed your layout!
    It looks pretty darn good.
    I like it better when the comment link is at the end of the post. I’m not ready to say something til I get to the end and yes, scrolling back up is, in my opinion, too much effort.
    How lazy am I??
    Either way, I like the colors and layout.

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