an inconvenient post (nsfw-kinda)

If there were a way to make a catastrophic situation worse, BP corporate greedhead Tony Hayward did it.  Seems his company’s unfortunate Gulf oil spill thingy has inconvenienced Mr. Hayward, don’t you know.  Kept him away from the golf course and polo fields as it were, missing his buddies at the pub and having a nosh or two with his fellow corporate criminals.

I can see the Blackberry texts humming:

“That last idea didn’t work, Mr. Hayward.”

“Can’t you just throw some duct tape around it?  I have a debutante ball to chaperone in an hour.”

True, he has publicly apologized for his comment, but you know what?

Instead of spanning the news networks trying to spin this whole mess – especially when there is no spin – why aren’t you in a bunker with the best people you can find coming up with a way to stop it.  It seems to matter little that big oil has thoroughly destroyed one of the most beautiful bodies of water on earth.  I think the next idea is to send down some divers with mouthfuls of Bazooka in an attempt to plug up the holes.  I also hear they are interviewing little Dutch boys with high lung capacity and a penchant for sticking fingers into holes…

just sad….



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4 responses to “an inconvenient post (nsfw-kinda)

  1. Holy CRAP! That “Big Fucking Deal” thing is fricking hilarious! Thanks for putting a bright spot in a horrid situation. It gets more ridiculous by the day. VERY sad.

  2. i think they should cram the leaking well full of BP execs. see if that plugs the damned thing up. if not at least we have the satisfaction of haywood and his kind being silenced.

  3. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Now it’s head to FL and probably into other channels. So devastating. I do agree with Sarah Palin *GASP* about “Drill Baby Drill” and how we can access other areas besides the bottom of the sea.

  4. logo

    Off with his head!

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