‘twixt spring and summer

spring is wrapping up in anticipation of beaches, mountains, spf, sandcrabs, sunburn and cool dips in the ocean (just worm your way around those floating oil balls this year).  in the NE school has yet to adjourn so the anticipation and preparations are high.  all of this drivel is just a way of intro-ing some recent shots…

Spring is when the babies come out.  this little guy (gal?) loves sunbathing in the corner of our garden.

I know love is in the air this time of year and, gosh, no one loves a picnic more than i do, but, please…get a room, or a backyard hammock or something….

Time to stock up on the pails and shovels to capture sandcrabs, jellyfish, hospital waste and tiny ocean swimmies, already covered in oil so canning will be a breeze.  Let’s not forget some kites for those breezy evenings where dad is seen in the throes of a full coronary sprinting down the sand chasing after a ball of kite-string on a stick that slipped from juniors grasp.

Then there is always the resurrection of life on the Boardwalk…

OK, so the old asbury park casino is still being renovated but on either side of the war-torn looking structure steel doors are flying open, the popcorn machines ooze buttery aroma in the air and the land of the five-dollar ice cream cone comes back to life.  But at least some of the still-standing architecture is still around…from the old carousel pavilion…

Not to mention the free attractions!  Local flavor abounds on warm evenings.  I asked them if they knew “Babaloo!” and they chased me down the boardwalk with a conga stand.

Then, of course, there is the beach itself…

the sun, the surf, the sand, the cell phones, the iPods.  Remember when transistor radios blasted the biggest hits from the Beach Boys, Beatles, Supremes, Four Tops and Ronettes across the sand???

The beach waits in anticipation for the inevitable thong…er…throng to descend…

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  1. aaaahhhhhh, thanks. i needed that.

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