Scarlet’s Meme (via anniegirl1138)

OK…I’ll play along. 

Here are the 10 questions posed by Anniegirl1138:

1. If your life was a romantic comedy, where would it be set?
Oregon State Hospital (it’s an obscure reference..but worth looking up)

2. Standing up or lying down? Context – subjective.
A 45 degree angle as long as the moon is full

3. Which Star Trek era would you live in – provided that Star Trek was real and time travel was real and … you know … it was a geeky thing to contemplate even in the abstraction of a meme? Prequel? Original? or Next Generation?
The original….just to go back and get an answer to this…

4. Shower or bath?
Car wash

5. Current event that most affects your actual life?
Gary Coleman’s death…he promised me I would get his model trains

6. Celebrity crush? (celebrity being relative)
At this point, if you don’t know, you haven’t been paying attention

7. Do you read the novel or wait for the film version?
read read read read read read read read read

8. Bottled water or tap?
I guess I would have to go with the bottled water since I never took dance lessons

9. How prepared are you for the next Armageddon (keeping in mind that “the end of the world” is also relative and subjective in our modern times)?
whats to prepare?  poof…ur gone.

10. If you could claim citizenship anywhere on the planet, where would it be and why?
Hell, Michigan.  I figure  I better start getting used to it (yes I know it’s not a country…duh)

My 10 questions.  I won’t tag anyone but feel free…

1. You are granted one careful.  It will be fulfilled literally. What’s the wish?  What are the consequences?

2. You have 15 minutes before the world explodes.  How do you spend the time?

3. You have the power to remove one person, place or thing from the planet.  What is it?

4.  Amy Winehouse, Brittany Spears, Courtney Love:  you have to invite one to your 8 year old daughters birthday party.  Which one and why?

5. Your 25 year old son announces he’s engaged to LaToya Jackson and her parents will be at your house in 20 minutes. Your reaction?

6. You’re having an intimate dinner with Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi.  How’s it going?

7. If you could surgically enhance one feature on the person of your choice, who is the person and what is the feature?

8. Jeannie or Samantha? / House or Derek Shepherd? (pick whichever makes your pulse to the rhumba)

9. Give three reasons why CoffeeMate should not be taken internally.

10. Chocolate or chocolate.  Which would you choose?

I was tagged by Unbearable Banishment who was tagged by Leah, who was tagged by Scarlet. The mission – to answer the 10 questions written by UB. In turn, I am to write 10 questions of my own and tag six people. As my per usual, I consider tagging optional and invite those who care to do so to play along in the comment box here or take it to their home turf and tag back. 1. George Bush. Lindsay Lohan. Dick Cheney. You have to sleep with one, marry … Read More

via anniegirl1138


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  1. bottled water since you never took dance lessons…pure genius, my friend. i bow.

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