Found this through the Book Addiction blog….

Sounds like a fairly kewl idea.  Because I currently do my book reviewing on my Goodreads site, I don’t consider SIFC a book blog, but I certainly qualify as a full-fledged bookhog.

I’m constantly branching out, trying new authors.  Lately I’ve been immersed in books by authors who have committed suicide.  That’s not a qualification for my reading choice as I usually don’t find out the author has offed himself until after I’ve read the book.  It gets disconcerting, as an author-wannabe.

Speaking of which, those of you who have been reading my dribble for the past couple years, have all been scheduled for psychiatric evaluation…
what i meant to say was that you have been accosted with posts about this book I’ve been writing, some have you have read it in draft form and provided much-appreciated feedback.  Let’s just say I’m in the midst of major surgery (removing a couple of characters, deepening remaining ones and darkening the tone a bit).  Now I just need the chunks of time to finish the thing…if you were wondering, I have not given up.  and if you were wondering, I’m wondering about the state of your life…



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3 responses to “bookishness

  1. Ghost reader, eh?


  2. i love goodreads and have found some great books through the reviews of friends there. let’s hear it for books!

    let me know when you finish surgery. 😉

  3. logo™

    Goodreads has turned out to be one the interwebz places I really enjoy.
    Suicidal authors depress me.

    Good luck on the surgery; doesn’t sound cosmetic but I hope it comes out as you want.

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