tales from the MAWGish woods…

Nobody likes you…
Everyone left you…
They’re all out without you…
Having fun…

As my blog popularity has gone completely down la toilet…

i thought maybe it’s the background putting people off,  or perhaps the over the top snarky attitude that slides off the pages like a post nasal drip.

let’s talk book…the seemingly never-ending saga of this book I’ve been dabbling with for the past 5.354672863547849 years.  The first draft was completed in January 2008…it’s now July 2010…and i’m re-writing it yet again, ripping characters out and putting new ones in.  Trust me, this ain’t Moby Dick or Tale of Two Cities…who knows if I’ll ever get the damn thing done.

I’m too tired to think right now…pooch 1 kept chasing plump juicy rabbits and water-bags (groundhogs) in her sleep with my leg as the fixed piece of terra firma from which she repeatedly bounded…

pooch 1?  that’s right, for any one that is out there…there is now a pooch 2 under the same roof…

this is Slater…a 2 year old rescue mutt…some boxer, some bull terrier, some german shepherd….

He’s trying to acclimate to our house with all the crazy people flying in and out and 7-year-old sydney very set in her ways.  I think he’ll come around.  Seems a bit skittish,  but given his history that’s not a surprise.  Can’t make up her mind about the prodigal son, sometimes they play, sometimes she growls at him.  a bit schizoid I agree.

I’ve been having a cake jones all day.  every had that craving for a big hunk of moist rich chocolate cake with think not-too-greasy chocolate buttercream frosting, and a couple of raspberries thrown in for the illusion of healthy ingredients…

let’s see..what else can I entice you with…..



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4 responses to “tales from the MAWGish woods…

  1. I haven’t gone anywhere and still love you!!! These things come and go like cycles. Keep writing! (please?)

  2. I haven’t gone anywhere! except that i left for a bit. hehe.

    that pic looks like there are three woogies (aka dogs) in the pic.

    and that cake looks like pure SIN.

  3. 500+ hits a day. i don’t think i’ve EVER had 500+ hits a day. but hey, you know who your friends are.

    slater is a handsome looking boy. hope he eventually settles in nicely for you.

    now about that cake, sir….pass me a napkin before my drool shorts the keyboard.

  4. Ah, what an interesting combo — great that you adopted rescue Mutts. When my poor old Cooper goes, that’s what we will likely do. And he doesn’t look much like a bull terrier — more boxer and shepherd to my eyes!

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