beyond ctd…

as i’m sure you’ve heard by now, there is a dating website catering to attractive people where accepted members can vote people off the site for being “not beautiful enough” (re: too fat, too ugly, etc).  I’m not going to provide a link as that amounts to free publicity I’m not willing to be a part of.

If this isn’t ludicrous, shallow and totally fucked-up enough, this same company is now offering a sperm bank, excuse me, Fertility Forum (how disgustingly white, wealthy and snotty can you be), exclusively for beautiful people.  So what we’re saying, as a species, is that it’s better to look like Paris Hilton than cure cancer.  It’s better to look like Tom Cruise than be able to add 2 + 2.  There was a comment from one “woman-on-the-street” that thought it’s a great idea, quote, “don’t you want the most beautiful baby you can get?”  Sure why not….let me see what you say when the child repeats 2nd grade…three times.  At least he/she will look good.



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2 responses to “beyond ctd…

  1. that is creepy AND crazy. I am all for not mating with someone that you actually do not find attractive. but this is waaaaay different. WAY.

  2. i think ferrrrrrnando answer the question you pose when he said, “dahling, it is always better to look mahvelous. and you loook mahhhhvelous.”

    on a serious note. this is repugnant. then again, in my mind, so are the IQ based sperm banks because both of them smack of aryanism in a different form. oh, let’s breed the perfect race. it’s just that this is based on such an unbelievably shallow quality it makes it more obvious.

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