Fat and happy from devouring the best roast beef sandwich ever  (beef cooked the night before, homemade mozzarella on homemade bread dipped in juice from the beef) I am in a foodie state of mind so let’s see what’s out there.

On there is an article entitled Shockingly Salty Processed Foods, a list of some items that you, dear reader, may be shocked to find have an overabundance of salt.  That is you may be shocked if you just teleported from the 1500’s to today.  Items such as…

slim jims (no….really????)
frozen pizza
frozen entrees
rice a roni
Campbell’s soup (maybe the low sodium version wasn’t clue enough)
ham (yeah, that’s a real shock…thanx for letting me know)

Cooking Light has a feature on their site, 10 Foods For Women.  (You can see this coming can’t you???)  Let’s take a gander at some of the items on this list…

cranberry juice
greek yogurt (note: not the processed low-fat junk Jamie Lee Curtis sold her soul to hawk)

I say just put all those items into a bowl, stir and serve.

In all fairness I offer my own list of 10 Foods For Men…

In-N-Out Burger Double Double
Jack ‘n’ Grills 7 pound breakfast burrito
Tony’s I-75 BLT 
Mississippi Mud Pie 
Brunchbox’s Redonkadonk 
Hillbilly Hotdog’s 10-pound burger 
New York System Hot Wieners 
Lombardi’s Pizza
Rebecca Stamos (i’m at work…google it yourself)
Beer Nuts

bon appetite


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3 responses to “foodstuffs

  1. i for one am shocked…shocked, i say…that the ever delectable hugh jackman did not make the top ten list for women. that’s ok, more of him for me that way. and btw, greek yogurt is much yummier. that’s the only kind i get. higher in protein and just yummier.

  2. I agree with Lime, on both Hugh and the yogurt!

    I clicked on the redonkadonk for the sheer brilliance of it’s title. It lost me at spam, but the rest sounded like a pleasant enough heart attack 😉

  3. If you ever get a chance, order that In-N-Out animal style.

    To bad they picked only fifty and limited themselves to one per state. My absolute favorite is a double cheeseburger with extra chili at Tommy’s

    The thing is yummy, but almost dripping in grease.


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