i write like…

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!


This is a kewl site.  it analyzes your writing and compares you to a famous author…I Write Like



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4 responses to “i write like…

  1. apparently i write like James Joyce. I don’t see it though. lol…

  2. ok, i have analyzed 4 different samples of my writing and i’ve come up with 4 different results. apparently i can be one of the following:
    william gibson
    dan brown
    david foster wallace
    or stephen king

    i have to admit, the only one of those authors i’ve ever read is stephen king. i’m a either versatile writer or a schizophrenic one. i think i will go with versatile.

  3. logo™

    Sooooo unfair.
    My 14 year old son got David Foster Wallace too. I ended up with Nabrokov, Steven King, or H.P. Lovecraft.

    Ah well, I am what eyam.

  4. Ha! I did this four times… scored 2 Cory Doctorow, 1 Chuck Pahlahniuk, 1 James Joyce. I have never read Doctorow, love Pahlahniuk but am puzzled that I write like Joyce??? What a combo!

    Fun stuffs Cooper. Thanks. My first time here… but I’ll be back.

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