what it is…

Let’s look at this objectively (or not).  I am your typical McMawg (middle class middle-aged white guy) and like the billions of others, male and female, who scrape their asses out of bed every day to stand in front of the industrial fan to take the full effect of whatever substance passes through the whirling blades, all I ask for is a warm, safe environment, some decent food, good friends and the occasional horizontal mattress mambo.  I don’t think that’s a whole lot to expect from the shnub-busting workaday world chock filled with these snot-nosed, goat humping twentysomethings who have more IT savvy than I could ever hope to achieve and who, I believe in my ultimate paranoia, are secretly holding secret cult meetings to give us techo dinosaurs some plague of festering boils covering my body so I resemble a roll of bubble wrap waiting to be popped.
It occurred to me this week, and perhaps I am just slow on the draw here, that for McMawgs everywhere, the question is not whether I’m going to get screwed out of my hard-earned money, but who is going to ask that I bend over.   As we are seeing, if the Democrats are in power, it’s the greedy, soulless, lying, hypocritical, self-serving members of the government that will require me to pay for everything for everybody.  However if the Republicans are in power, it’s the greedy, slimy, egocentric, corporate CEOs that will devise ways to grab the cash (see: Banks, Wall St., mortgage, criminal, bankrupt, moral).  Is this the definition of democracy? (even though the US is not and has never been a ‘democracy’ in the strict sense of the word…but i’ll save that for another rant)  Since the US Mint is so keen to waste taxpayers money devising new imprints of all the coins of the realm, why not simplify everything and stamp a profile of Gordon Gecco on every coin and replace ‘in god we trust’ with ‘greed is good’.  On the flip side would be a drawing of the average American wearing a yoke, bent over with Gary Trudeau drawn figures representing big business and big government leering salaciously at your and my hindquarters like Kirstie Alley eyeing a Whopper Deluxe (God bless her).


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  1. how do you really feel? i think you’ve held back a bit….not that i disagree, mind you…

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