mm – hugs

There are many vid clips showing “free hug” efforts.  After a recent conversation with a good friend about doing something like a national free hug day (me, being naive enough to think no one had thought of that yet)  I come to discover there are many such efforts.  There’s a national one in january, an international one in july and probably may undocumented local ones.  I can see where it could get out of hand…but I’d still like to do it.  Get a whole bunch of people across the country to go out and offer free hugs on a specific day, video the effort and edit clips from all over into a single vid.

Thanx to Amanda for keeping the torch lit….



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5 responses to “mm – hugs

  1. Cooper you’re amazing! I have seen this vid before and will never get tired of it, my oldest daughter did something similar two years ago as a junior in high school, we need more guys like this!

  2. Sweet. Cute. I was smiling all the way… and thought if this was possible in Bangkok… with respect to culture set in open mind — why not? (but it’s just me)

  3. Just three words: I LOVE IT!

  4. i’ve seen this so many times and yet every single time when he kneels down to hug the old lady and she reaches up to touch his face my eyes well up. it’s just such a basic human need and it’s such a positive video. thanks. (((((hugs))))

  5. snowelf

    love the post
    love the song
    love the concept


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