is it just me???

OK.  Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute….
There is an American Airlines travel website called Black Atlas  – “your passport to the black experience”.

If I put up a site entitled White Atlas – your key to the caucasian experience, Rev Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Spike Lee would camp out on my front lawn with every news service imaginable, all screaming about how big a racist I am.

How about just keeping the Atlas as a human experience?

If American Airlines wants to play these marketing games….why stop at the Black Atlas?

The Yellow Atlas – The Asian Experience
The Tan Atlas – The Hispanic Experience
The Green Atlas – The Amphibian Experience
The Rainbow Atlas – The Gay Experience
The Blue Atlas – The Dead Experience
The Gray Atlas – The Senior Experience
The Pink Atlas – The Breast Cancer Experience
The Red Atlas – The Russian Experience
The Celadon Atlas – The Interior Decorator Experience

stop the insanity…please.



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7 responses to “is it just me???

  1. what?! no tie dye atlas???? wtf, man! i demand representation. you’ll be hearing from my lawyers!

  2. ok, i’ll call off the rabid litigators for now.

  3. snowelf

    I’m in for the tye-dye experience!


  4. i have a freezer crammed full of a side of beef i can throw at them.

  5. logo™

    If Im white can I still go for the black experience?

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