mm – it is but it isn’t

I could have sworn that I’d posted this before but a search through past posts and tags reveals naught….

for those of you who were (are) fans of the Boston sound (the band not the city) here we have a curio that had you not known the artist, you would bet a paycheck or two that it is Boston when in fact it is the members of Boston minus Tom Scholz.  It comes from guitarist Barry Goudreau’s solo effort.  It comes obvious the sound and writing influence Barry had on Boston, even though Scholz usually gets the credit.

thanx to Amanda for carrying the MM torch

Note: to my bud’s using Blogger..i have not been able to post comments all week on’s not playing nicely with wordpress. Yes, it’s very nice that it gives me the error code to send on but it provides no link and usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour searching through blahger to find the email address…so if you see comments from “cooper” instead of “coopernicus”, fear not, we are one and the same…


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  1. You know, I’ve had that issue a couple times before.. and that was with my Blogger account! It’s screwy sometimes. :/

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