picturememes from the edge

You’ll have to go to The Queen’s site to see the corresponding pictures for these witty bon mots (yeah, being a lazy ass)

1. didn’t I just say that?
2. I’m telling you I’ve taken a size 3 since I was twenty.
3. fuck with me again and my dog here will pee on your sister
4. DorTHEE!!!!!!
5. The Three Ghost Stooges
6. I dated her in college / new dimensions to the phrase “get wood”
7. home
8. I can swallow a pepperoni whole and she can’t
9. cubist-fascism
10. I could use some help.  seems the asshole behind me super-glued my hand to my hip…



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8 responses to “picturememes from the edge

  1. Okay, love 3 and 10. Your brain is definitely hooked up in a strangely lovable way.

  2. The asshole behind you need his hand super glued to ummmm..things LOL

  3. hehee… i like that you didn’t report the pics. made this more interesting!

  4. #4 cracked me up. I bet she’d get you and your little dog too 🙂

  5. #3 and #8 need to be made into greeting cards with your captions. i’d buy them and use them for all my personal correspondence. ok, maybe just for those folks who have a sense of humor and on occasion the ones i want to royally piss off…

  6. I really liked your #10 answer. Gosh, you’re funny!


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