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Found at Fuzzy Bakes – the ten foods that define who you are…

1. Tavern Pie – my grandmothers recipe from the long defunct Tavern Restaurant in Newark
2. Peach Jam – my grandmothers
3. Icebox Cake – my grandmothers (i’m sensing a pattern here)
4. Johnny – the name given to my mothers dish of peppers, onions, ground beef and noodles. I’ve never been able to duplicate it.
5. Beefaroni/SpaghettiOs – -sorry…but I ate a lot of these as a kid…can’t stand them now
6. My Mom’s chocolate chip cookies…and no I’m not giving up the secret.
7. Good Humor Ice Cream – the highlight of every summer’s day was waiting for the Good Humor truck to come around.
8. Chicken in a Basket – Leaning Tower Restaurant – the eatery is long gone but this started my love of fried chicken
9. Chrone’s Tavern Pizza – not an appetising name these days, but it was the name of a nearby tavern and was THE place to get pizza – this was prior to the proliferation of pizza places (alliteration much?)
10. Tuna Dip – my grandmothers – best dip in the world.

and now for something completely different…

If you are still mourning the destruction of the independent bookseller, don’t pack away the shroud just yet….

Barnes & Noble on the block?



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2 responses to “food bio

  1. ah, we share peach jam. i get a lump in my throat when i think about the last taste of the last batch my grandfather made before he died.

    yep, i’m stealing this one.

  2. logo™

    I’m all about Powell’s,
    Eliot Bay Bookclub,
    Third Place books, and my teeny little town bookstore.
    Long live Indie book sellers

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