Top 5 on Friday

From the Mistress….

Top 5 albums you would buy right now if you had the money

1. King Crimson 40th Anniversary Boxed Set – Crimson boxed sets pop-up more often than….um….something that pops up a lot.  This one has the early year stuff which is my preference.


Genesis Boxed set – Vinyl – again the early Peter Gabriel years.


3.  The Marx Bros 4 record set – just for chuckles, and it’s place in history.


4.  Box of (Nick) Danger – Firesign Theatre.  I have the early discs.  what I’d really like to see is a boxed set of the later years (Wrong/Giant Rat/In The Next).  I realize this set is mostly so-so material but that’s ok.

5. Beatles Boxed Set – no home should be without one.



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4 responses to “Top 5 on Friday

  1. thanks for introducing me to firesign theater 😀

  2. I’d be with ya on Genisis, but pass on the beatles. not really a fan. (GASP!

  3. King Crimson, in all it’s incarnations and the Gabriel era of Genesis are staples around my place. Selling England By The Pound is, in my most very humble opinion, the best prog rock album of the era. “The Cinema Show” has some of the best synthesizer and Mellotron work ever heard.

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