becuase ignorant stupidity knows no bounds

If you have not heard or read about this story, you should.  Especially those with school-aged kids…thanx to Dr. Robyn for posting…

School Tells Girl She’s Overweight

and these boneheads wonder why these girls have self-esteem and body issues…morons

oh yeah…the picture below?  Uh-huh.  That’s her….

Katie Owen & her Mom



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10 responses to “becuase ignorant stupidity knows no bounds

  1. That is F*ing sick! She is no where close to overweight!!!

    I hate the media, the people who follw crazes, and the entire outlook in western world view of how women should look.

    I have to battle every single day, making sure that my kids feel that they are whole, that they are everything to me, that they are beautiful. And it’s shit like that which makes it so damn impossible.

    Honestly…. I just don’t know what ir wrong with some people.

  2. So depressing. A lovely young girl who isn’t overweight by any means feels fat. I cannot believe the school gave her a ‘report card’ about such a thing.

    Thanks for posting this, Cooper.

  3. logo™

    Absolute ******* moronic ******** spouted by idiotic ******** who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground and ought to remove their heads from one of those holes or be permanently dropped into the other.

    I would love an assist on this access deal.
    Email me?

  4. Nice post.

    BMI is a worthless tool. If your measurement of choice says Shaquille O’ Neal is overweight, then your measurement doesn’t work. Period.

  5. unfuckingbelievable. let’s take the age group that shows the greatest variability in growth rates and ranges of “normal,” let’s take the age group that already has intense insecurity about themselves and just crush them under the boot heel of institutionalized insanity veiled as concern for their welfare by requiring adherence to some narrow definition of “normal.” it’s so infuriating.

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