mm hungry man

Forgoing the large-breasted, big-haired, spandex sheathed video vixens of gimmie all your lovin’ and sharp dressed man, the boys shifted into low-tech claymation silliness  for yet another ditty from Eliminator….bon appetite…(ok so the guy has 80’s hair)

go see Amanda for more Musical Monday stuff



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6 responses to “mm hungry man

  1. i’m suddenly a bit peckish

  2. So that’s what happens when you put tin foil in the microwave. Love the crunchy chords.

  3. ZZ top has one of the best sounds ever!I still love em! I remember this video from MTV I believe too cool Cooper!And yeah he does have 80’s hair LOL!

    • mtv…back in the day when it actually was videos and not whining spoiled yuppie spawn with too much time on their hands…

      why no, not bitter at all….

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