mm – illusion

this kind of speaks for itself….



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8 responses to “mm – illusion

  1. logo™

    My first little homeschooled fledgling is off to high school this year and man, I am so seeing this as a cautionary tale.
    Hoping and praying I’ve helped him love and accept himself at his core and given him some strength against those negative messages that can come from every side.

  2. Cooper this was fantastic! I would not have had the same understanding without the imagery tho. very profound! BTW you left your link and response on the MM Info page so I moved it so others would find you link K? thanks for playing this was awesome!

  3. I tell you what your choice in music is amazing to me. I so enjoyed this. Never heard or seen this before but I sure did enjoy this. 🙂 Great share this week 🙂

  4. Thanx. I’m drawn to the really creative stuff (in case you hadn’t noticed)

  5. It’s the first time for me, too. I enjoyed watching. Have a wonderful week.

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