Sarah Palin in 2012


painting by Michael Albrechtsen

I retreated into the forest to contemplate, among other things, the great question of the next President of the United States.  Yes, I know it’s September 2010, more than two years from the next mass hypnosis of clogging the voting booths to give the illusion that voting matters, but a few of the (undeclared) candidates are already out stumping, sticking their trojan sheathed toes in the political Gulf in an effort to gauge just how many millions of dollars it will take to buy their way into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

My bloggie friends, I have emerged from the land of wood sprites and unibombers with an epiphany to share with the masses:

Sarah Palin should be elected President in 2012.  Here’s why:

1) If she maintains the slimy, back-room, two-faced spin centric government that has been in place for the past 10 (20, 30, 40, 50) years, life will remain relatively unchanged. While status quo is not the desired path, maybe the bleeding will be stanched, either through action or the corpse draining itself out.  It’s not a win for me, but the damage is halted.

2) If she improves things, that’s a win for me.

3) If she makes things worse, then I can tell all the neo-con, loudmouth, infantile, ultra-right wing douchebags like Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity and Coulter to SHUT THE FUCK UP.  That’s a win for me as well.

As a bonus, just think of the never-ending shenanigans Bristol will get herself into.  That alone will keep the tabloids busy for four years.



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14 responses to “Sarah Palin in 2012

  1. I hope for your sake that you’re serious about that because she’d stand a good chance of winning if she chooses to run.

    The American electorate is very reactionary – see Obama as evidence – and the current Regime is growing more hated and despised by the moment. The normal trend in America is to lurch to the extreme opposite.

    So…Palin 2012? It wouldn’t shock me in the least. Of course it also wouldn’t completely shock me if Hillary challenged Obama in the 2012 primaries and won…

  2. And I get to move to Canada..or some strange island in one of the oceans to get away from her obnoxious mug.


  3. Funny. When “W” won back in the day, I wanted to move out of the country. I didn’t, and I’m still alive. I’m sure we’ll survive a Palin presidency as a whole. But those right wing f**k nuts will not shut up, Cooper. No matter what.

  4. I can see Russia from my house..

    hehehe… i still get a kick out of that!

  5. snowelf

    Cooper, don’t kill me… but I actually like Sarah Palin as a person. I really took some time to investigate what she does and doesn’t support and I was shocked and surprised to find so many things that she supports that I feel strongly about as well. I don’t know if she’s the best chick to have the office purchased for her by muti-million dollar companies, but hey there’s no doubt about it, Sarah would be a riot to have in office. Plus, she really is not as evil as a lot of conservatives and she has a really big heart when it comes to her family. (That passing STILL makes me sick, not that it should as it’s an illusion that we actually get to choose our president from the start, more like we get to vote for the people who were rich enough and supported enough to get their names on the ballot.

    Still, if we have to have a republican president in office (and don’t you just feel it coming?) I’d pick Scott Brown.


  6. oh dear lord, i shudder to think you have a point…still…god help us all no matter the outcome.

  7. That is freaking hilarious. 😀 Gawd, that woman makes my skin crawl. I really don’t understand why so many Americans love her when all she spews is hate and ridiculous sound bites for Fox News. BLAH! Exactly whose honor are we trying to restore?

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