shocking?…not hardly

Spurred by the Rolling Stone “True Blood” cover, and not one to miss an opportunity to sensationalize any trivial matter imaginable, CNN compiled their version of the 10 most SHOCKING magazine covers.  Here’s the link…you be the judge

Shocking doesn’t come close…unusual maybe, in some cases (lampoon and Ali) classic.  But shocking???  Come on…are you kidding me?

Sorry…I have my own definition of shocking (you knew where this was going didn’t you?)

  • A picture of Rush Limbaugh dishing out school lunches to inner city kids on the cover of The National Review.
  • On the cover of Religion & Ethics Monthly, ANY picture of George Bush (Sr or Jr)
  • Joining and being matched with Tipper Gore (or even worse…Al)
  • Watching one’s parents watching porn
  • Finding an issue of Cosmopolitan without any ads/articles on how to lose weight and models that do not look like famine victims.
  • Finding an issue of Playboy without any ads/articles on penis enlargement and models that do not look like famine victims, albeit surgically or Photoshop enhanced famine victims.
  • Intelligent television.
  • Honest politicians.
  • A passing grade in any of Barack Obama’s math classes.
  • Discovering Howard Stern and Ann Coulter are not the same person.

how about you?  what would you find shocking?



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7 responses to “shocking?…not hardly

  1. 1. the cast of jersey shore being admitted to MENSA
    2. martha stewart doing a commercial for hamburger helper
    3. sarah palin volunteering at planned parenthood

  2. Intelligent Television and Honest Politicians only exist in Bizarro World. Stern and Coulter being the same person made me laugh. I heart you, Cooper.

  3. logo™

    An Out magazine cover featuring James Dobson.

    An Allure magazine article of any depth whatsoever.

    An American Rifleman magazine article expressing remorse and appropriate horror that 1,500 American children die in handgun accidents every year.

  4. plonkk

    hard to shock audiences nowadays..

    ps-lady gaga did shock me a LITTLE initially, that’s worn off though.

  5. How about a fashion magazine with real women in it.

    Good housekeeping featuring the modern-mom shove-the-crap-under-the-sofa-and-it’s-okay trick

    US weekly with – “they all are happy, no one cheated, no one is on drugs, no one is in jail, and we are happy for them!”

    PSS – I tagged you in a meme!

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