don’t forget….

Today is National Ice Cream Cone Day!!!!

Indulge yourself…take a friend

Will it be hard or soft (stop it….) sugar, cake or pretzel cone?  dipped or not dipped?

What is the best ice cream cone you’ve ever had???



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3 responses to “don’t forget….

  1. As tasty as that sounds I’m off all that fat and sugar for now. Working in a facility for folks who’ve misused their bodies or are just getting aged I am convicted to be healthy and get healthier. Boring but it’s working for me.

    Hope you enjoyed a delightful cone!!!!!

  2. I missed it as well. 😦 Better late than never, I guess.

    My favorite ice cream cone is the plain “safe-T” cone. I love it because of the end that’s like a grid of ice cream at the end. My favorite kind of cone is a soft serve twist of vanilla and chocolate. The best is the frozen custard down at the shore.

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