add it to the list

i have found something new to add to the list of things that make me wish i could shape-shift from the mild-mannered good guy I am into the snarling beast david naughton became in American Werewolf in London….(like adding to this list is not a daily occurrence…)

Screaming children in the library…and their parents who are just as obnoxiously loud in their feeble attempt to quiet them.  And continuing to hang inside the library through the hysterics expecting little Farquhar to start behaving like an adult.  Hand me the steel paint stripper and speed drill please, it’s time to flay me some moron….



Filed under children, common sense, life

3 responses to “add it to the list

  1. Funny and I know exactly how you feel. I’m thrilled someone remembers David Naughton along with me. Go flay away!!!

  2. Not the library, but still annoying, is when you are eating in a resteraunt. What’s worse is when a child acts up, and the parents *want* to leave, but the grandparents refuse and make everyone stick it out.

    Not happening ever again.

  3. i accept that people bring children to various places and that children will sometimes be noisy or misbehave. but i agree that when they do so they need to be dealt with appropriately. yelling louder than the kid only makes it more irritating for those in the vicinity. pick the kid up and remove him or her from the situation. it’s that simple. and i find it utterly maddening when parents give in to public temper tantrums just to shut the kid up, thus insuring future tantrums. oh hell no…

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