mm – fried chicken…

this is one of about three queen songs that always gets me moving…no matter how many times i hear it. i cracked a speaker in my previous car pounding it out…

turn it up



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4 responses to “mm – fried chicken…

  1. Oh yeah. Queen always hets me rocking and reminds me of when I was 15-18!! We will rock you!!

  2. funny, i was just listening to this for the first time in ages and ages yesterday. i do love me some queen though. so do the limelets.

    actual quote of limelet #1 several years ago:
    “I love freddie mercury. i’d marry him….uh, if he wasn’t dead…and um…liked girls…and wasn’t older than my dad. but still….he RAWKS!”

  3. The speaker thing sounds like something I would do, I tend to blast my stereo. Ah Queen…. is there Anyone better than them? Nevah!!! I have my girls hooked on Queen, it is a shame they will never hear future songs, no one will, so sad.
    Cooper thanks for playin’ the linky is out right now but I hope it will be up soon!

  4. Love Queen! They still rock! 🙂

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