qm – from the i’ve-been-too-sick-with-food-poisoning-and-poison-ivy-to-get-this-done-on-time meme

Welcome To The Queen’s Meme #56 ~
It’s a Numbers Game

Today we will discuss the fascinatingly cerebral subject of numbers.
I must warn you…the questions are excruciatingly difficult. Only the strongest will survive, thereby dodging the dreaded dungeon.
Alliteration! See, I told you I was cerebral
**and no calculators**!!

1. Do you ever play the lottery? If so, what are your lucky numbers? Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.
no i don’t but my lucky number is (3 – 5i) + (6 + 7i) = (3 + 6) + (-5 + 7)i = 9 + 2i.

2. Did you do something special on 10/10/10 yesterday? I heard that lots of people got married. Are all of you still the same status as of today?
I got power-washed so i’m sparkling clean

3.  “I’ve got your number!” Who would you like to say that to or who is the last person you said that to?
meredith salenger.  seriously.  anybody have her number????

4. How many sheep do you count before you fall asleep?
usually one or two.  really that’s all i have the energy for.  at my age performance drops off and….what?…oh, COUNT!  never mind….

5. It’s almost birthday time for the Queen. Do you believe that age is “just a number”….or is it something else more insidious and frightening???!!! **I am suddenly having a panic attack**
it’s just a number.  a horrible frightful worm-ridden number.

6. How many zeros are in a trillion?
none…it’s all letters

7.  How many sixteenth notes does it take to equal a whole note?
is this a trick question????

8. (because I can) How many 8 balls are on a pool table?



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6 responses to “qm – from the i’ve-been-too-sick-with-food-poisoning-and-poison-ivy-to-get-this-done-on-time meme

  1. finding pam

    #5 really cracked me up.
    “it’s just a number. a horrible frightful worm-ridden number.”

    Great answers.

  2. I like the new look of the blog, Cooper! Only two sheep, eh? Still impressive. Happy birthday to your son tomorrow, btw.

  3. LMAO! Sheep huh? Love your imaginary number equations! You know because everyone uses them in every day life……..

    Oh! How’d you get food poisoning and poison ivy at same time? Did you eat the leaves of the ivy plant?

  4. lol.. no numbers, only letters.. nice!

    how are you feeling? I’d ask how on earth you managed to do that to yourself, but after the sheep question…

  5. food poisoning AND raging poison ivy at the same time? it sounds like that lottery number of yours hit big time in some sort of satanic version of the game. gees, feel better soon, would ya?

  6. Itching and puking at the same time – that sucks!
    No zeros, only letters… teehee, my favorite answer next to the sheep one. I have a sick mind.
    I actually tried to figure out number one because I have OCD and, well, it is way too late to do that, plus I have forgotten all my algebra rules, it’s been so long since I’ve been in college! Damn you!

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