i hate october

october and i have had this hate-hate relationship as long as i can remember. while most folks suffer from SAD in the winter months, october has always been the month for emotional, neurologic and physical distress for me. dunno why. just is. in my mind, the stones ’19th nervous breakdown’ is all about october. and yet so many significant events have taken place during the tenth month; my son’s birthday (today), my wife’s birthday, birthdays of two brothers-in-law, my stepmother’s birthday, her and dad’s wedding anniversary (see how things are starting to slide into a downward spiral even when talking about positive events?)
nevertheless, october 2010 has shown it’s ugly face and is in fierce competition to be one of the worst ever. first off, my father-in-law (mercifully) passed away on the 2nd after a well fought cancer struggle. this should have raised a walter hudson sized red flag. the first 10 days of the month were spent between annapolis and pittsburgh with viewings, services, burial, etc. the upside is that the various factions of family all hung together in both locations and for that i am grateful. they’re a good bunch no matter how looney we all are.
upon return i am greeted with either a stomach bug or food poisoning from the lovely work-cafeteria…not sure which. me and the porcelain alter are once again best buddies.

oh, and did I mention that through all of this I’ve been scratching my skin off with rampant poison ivy??? if i told you how i got it you wouldn’t believe me….

and it’s only the 14th. i have rebounded from the stomach stuff (hey, maybe i dropped a few pounds????) and have significantly increased the stock value of whatever pharma giant manufactures caladryl. i am praying for a quiet couple weeks. i shudder to think what else october can dish out…



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7 responses to “i hate october

  1. You make me laugh. Not by the events but by the way you express them.

    I can relate except overall I like October. Except October 31st. That’s the anniversary of the day I learned our third son would die and soon.

    I sincerely hope you survive the rest of the month with no more ill effects!!!!

  2. I love October, but it’s because I have the same relationship with September as you do with October.
    I wonder if everyone has a month that they just dread.

  3. Geez, what a sucky month. I’m glad that at least your family all gets along, that’s one bright spot, my family doesn’t have anything to do with me, so if any of that happened to me, it would just be me, hubby, the boys and the puppies.
    Praying for a great couple of weeks for you!

  4. snowelf

    Hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs. And don’t try and scare me away from hugging you with your food posioning. I’m a girl who once had a child puke an enormous amount of hot-dog-cookie puke in her hair.

    Coops, I sympathize. I really do. If I could wave a magic wand, I would just make october go away.

    lots of love,


  5. just as all the crap i’ve been enduring for months seems like it might be easing ever so slightly the curse comes to rest on you. damn, i’m sorry. i hope it passes well before the month does.

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