television hypocrisy #1

shows about hoarders. yes I know they are spankingly popular right now, allowing us to play voyeur and peek into the troubled lives of the emotionally off-balance. it seems just about every channel has some sort of hoarding series, showcasing mountains and mountains of stuff with barely enough room for people and the occasional pet carcass. maybe food network will be next…”people who hoard guava jelly”. anyway…

here’s what strikes me odd: these hoarder-films appear where? television.
and television’s raison d’être? to sell us as much stuff as possible.

am i the only one that sees a problem here? it’s like tobacco companies sponsoring ads about the dangers of smoking, or Anheuser-Busch reminding us all to drink responsibly (re: be responsible enough that after slamming down a quarter keg of Bud Light don’t hurl on the bouncer’s Nikes as he’s tossing your ass out of the bar).




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4 responses to “television hypocrisy #1

  1. You have a really good point there.
    I can’t watch hoarders… makes me feel icky.

  2. since i rarely get control of the remote was only peripherally aware of the hoarder shows. you make sense though. i have no need to watch the shows though….i know a hoarder personally.

  3. I never even thought of that, but that is too funny and true!
    I’m with xmichra, though, I cannot watch those shows, I get so itchy from all the nasty bugs and rats and…. EEWWW!

  4. I work in an assisted living facility, would NOT surprise me to see one of the residents on a hoarders show………..

    Definitive hypocrisy!!!

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