mm – where to now, mr. peabody?

peabody here.  sherman, set the wayback machine to the year 1976 where we will visit Air London Studios in England for a session with Mr. Robin Trower…

(don’t ask me where the whole peabody/sherman thing came from…just sort of popped up its head through the dust filled crevices of my brain…)

go see Amanda for more musical monday tunes…



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8 responses to “mm – where to now, mr. peabody?

  1. I loved Underdog… great way back memories. This was some psychadelic music, thanks for the kewl tunes.
    Feel free to visit my pick this week:

  2. I have been trying to reach you to let you know you have won a place in our Spotlight Dance on Monday’s Music Moves Me! You will be co-hosting along with us. Pick up our linky and at it to your post. If you have any questions please let me know. CONGRATS! AND HOPE YOU HAVE FUN CO-HOSTING ALONG WITH US!

  3. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you I’m having problems with my blog, so if you want any info go to one of our other hostesses like Larry at or Callie at

  4. Boy I have not heard this in ages, part of such a great musical revolution! The Brits certainly gave us music to live by!
    I do want to know where the Peabody Sherman thing came from, love the old toons my fave was Speed Racer and Penelope Pitstop!

  5. What a groovy pick! Love it!

  6. Boobies

    Very acid trippy…I like it!

  7. Trower rocks. You rekindled something here, my friend.

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