ok…i’m really confused

Curiosity pushed me to search for the text of the small business bill signed into law today. Instead, I was side tracked by the following, which was also signed into law recently. It’s bill H.R. 1586 described as follows:

An Act
To modernize the air traffic control system, improve the safety, reliability, and availability of transportation by air in the United States, provide for modernization of the air traffic control system, reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled…blah blah blah

Seems Charlie Rangle sponsored this effort, Charlie the freewheeling liberal from New York who spearheaded the movement during the Iraq war to re-institute the draft. What a guy.
Anyway…the content of this bill includes:

· 10 billion to the Education Jobs Fund as part of the American funnel funds from the working stiff to the corporate swine act, known legally as American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
· An extension of this act to provide funds to Medicaid
· Pages and pages of indecipherable Foreign Tax Credit legislation changes
· Elimination Of Advance Refundability Of Earned Income Credit
· Pages and pages of rescinded budget items

Where’s all the air traffic stuff???? Got me. Our hard earned dollars at work….



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3 responses to “ok…i’m really confused

  1. snowelf

    its enough to make you want to puke.


  2. I tried to read one of the FL bills one time because I was looking for something regarding a traffic law once… I got so lost and confused, I NEVER went back again.
    It’s no wonder nothing ever REALLY gets done.

  3. let me know when they start funding the lube so it doesn’t hurt so much when they ask us to bend over and take it.

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