happy halloween

this was just too creepy not to post….



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7 responses to “happy halloween

  1. i’m just…..dare i say…tongue tied…

    speechless, utterly speechless

  2. That’s not creepy ~ that’s gross!
    Happy Halloween to you, too!

  3. That’s freaking disturbing. Thanks for the nightmares I’ll have tonight.

  4. snowelf

    oh yea. Uber creepy alright.
    I’d like to plant that in someone I know’s basement right now…
    It’s okay to feel a little mean and evil around Halloween, right?


  5. Ewwwwwwwww Creepy and disgusting! It’s almost insulting!

  6. thanks. i wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight, anyway.

  7. reminds me of one of my aunts *shudders*… what a freak.

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