mm – jumping the gun

ok ok…i know we just got past halloween, but since the stores already have xmas displays and xmas music being piped in, i thought a little reminder of the spirit of the holiday might be in order….I know it’s not music and i know it probably doesn’t match the weekly theme,  but allow me to express this early and i’ll keep the holiday season ranting to a minimum…


note: audio nsfw or for tiny ears



Filed under holiday, humor, rant

6 responses to “mm – jumping the gun

  1. lol.. i love foamy’s rants!!

  2. Gosh Cooper that was too funny. I hope some people get his hint Huh? Have a great MM!!

  3. roflmao! three cheers for foamy, in spite of my rant about too much christmas too soon. i still stand by my own rant but i can make room for yours too.

  4. logo™

    Can there really be too much rant?

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