xmas shopping tip #1

as it appears that i’ve alienated just about everyone, let me trudge down this mine filled road as well…

guys…here’s a great gift idea…

and won’t she be thrilled.

for the record…this ad appeared not in the 1940’s, or even the 1950’s…

this was their 1960 xmas ad…



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7 responses to “xmas shopping tip #1

  1. As I know you know, all wives everywhere DO NOT want a Hoover for Christmas! Hahaha.

  2. nothing sucks like a hoover

  3. snowelf

    oh…the horrifically crude jokes I could make about this ad.
    I’d better be on my best behavior. I really need to stay on Santa’s good side this year.


  4. I would personally prefer a Dyson, but that’s just me. The ad looks like something that they would produce on Mad Men. And I agree with Lime.

    Things are okay here, Cooper. Just had an extended brain fart. Thanks for asking, though. I appreciate it.

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