xmas shopping tip #4

At this frenetic time of year, we must remember to stop and rest.  rushing in and out of crowded malls, fighting for the perfect parking space, getting body checked at the early morning sales…it all takes more energy than we expend during the previous 11 months of the year.  So make sure to include some down time in the middle of the hubbub.  Sit quietly hat home, mix up a hot toddy and just let the breakneck pace of the holiday float away.  in fact, this may be the perfect time to open all those christmas cards that have been piling up.  Be sure to give a prayer of thanx for all the friends that feel you are important enough to include on their card list


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4 responses to “xmas shopping tip #4

  1. The picture of OJ with a carved piece of meat is more apropros of Halloween, doncha think?

  2. Apropos is the word I was attempting to spell. Argh.

  3. listen, if the apron doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

  4. Thanks for the laugh… I almost woke up hubby and the dogs.
    What a creepy picture – **SHUDDER**

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