xmas shopping tip #8

While you’re picking up the cigars don’t forget about that ungodly throat-scratch your cheroot-smoking Aunt Gertrude has been complaining about all year.  A carton of cigs will clear that right up…

hey…smoke up, santa


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4 responses to “xmas shopping tip #8

  1. well, at least now i know why memories of sitting on santa’s lap are tainted by the smell of cigarette smoke. now can you explain the beer breath?

  2. My father’s second favorite brand, after Chesterfield Kings. I buy a pack once in a while, just for nostalgia’s sake. I remember running to the corner store a block from my Grandmother’s place in East Keansburg when I was a kid to pick him up a pack. Thirty five cents. He’d give me two quarters and I could buy a bag full of crap candy with the change.

  3. Well, I know a few ladies I should get these for. They have that Benson & Hedges scratchy voice, these would help them start to sound like a woman again.
    Where are you finding these ads???

  4. and they are mild!

    love the ad’s for smoking…. kinda makes me wonder why I didn’t lite up prior to my eleventh birthday.

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