xmas shopping tip #9

You know, Santa’s a busy guy.  On top of which Mrs. Claus has been holding out on him and he has to spend Christmas Eve downwind of a bunch of manure-rolling reindeer.  Won’t it be great when he arrives and your cozy place to find a box tagged for Santa to open and you can model for him?  What woman wouldn’t cherish a pair of “magic motion” nylons.  And you better watch out…you better not cry…Santa has his own magic motion to show you…



Filed under clothing, holiday, humor, media, seasons, sex

5 responses to “xmas shopping tip #9

  1. that’s a mighty pervy smile santa’s wearing!

  2. So… are you saying cookies are better than a stocking model show? really?

  3. Every single ad you post makes me think of the show Mad Men. I love that show. Have a great weekend Coop!!!

  4. Santa is one dirty old man!
    My hubby really liked this one, and wants to know where he can get me a pair of these… he is also a dirty old man!

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