xmas shopping tip #10

Always remember to have a happy and safe holiday season.  In this age of doom, gloom and paranoia, you can rest assured of your safety and security with a whopping huge life insurance policy.

and by all means, leave your child unattended in an open car with a strange man carrying rope….



Filed under culture, family, holiday, humor, media, seasons

4 responses to “xmas shopping tip #10

  1. where are you finding these ads??!! how creepy does it need before they publish?!

  2. laughed out loud .. loev the post and your blog 🙂

  3. gees, this tip would have been helpful to have about 4 hours ago when we were getting our tree.

  4. EEWWW! Who came up with these ads? Did they TRY and make them as creepy as possible? I get chills just looking at these ads, yuk!!

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