xmas shopping tip #12

Growing up in our household, there was always one special gift Dad presented Mom after all the other gifts were opened and the kids were buried deep in their new treasures, something to symbolize his love and gratitude for all the hard work she does and for everything she means to him.  If that is a tradition you would like to start for the special woman in your life, then this gift idea will be sure to warm the cockles of her heart.  Her eyes will shine as she wipes away a tear of gratitude and love at your thoughtful generosity and adoration….

That Special Gift



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6 responses to “xmas shopping tip #12

  1. Ha ha ha! “What a beautiful way to say Merry Christmas!” Yes, I’m sure Mother WILL be crying by the time Christmas morning ends…AND after she serves Father with divorce papers and a skillet to the head.

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! That is way too funny – and what’s really funny, is my dad gave my mom one for Christmas one year…um, yeah, it wasn’t appreciated so much…*snicker!*

  3. I think it’s gonna be dad that will be wiping his eye after mom smacks him up side the head with that thing!!
    You so crack me up!!

  4. gee, that’s special. i really hope i get one of those so i know exactly how fat my ass got from all the cookies and other goodies i eat during the season.

  5. Muahahahaha. Too funny.

    I adore your puppy banner photo!!!!

  6. LOL!!! Ya, I could see Mark giving me a scale… lol…

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