merry christmas

this is one of my favorite christmas songs, and certainly my favorite version of Silent Night…

merry christmas to all my bloggie friends…



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5 responses to “merry christmas

  1. A local radio station is doing their “24 Hours of Christmas” and I heard a song I really liked. Using my ninja Googling skills, I now know it is “Mary Did You Know.” Now to find out who did that particular rendition – the station does not put out a playlist that I can find.


  2. Thank you for posting this song, it is also one of my faves and this version IS beautiful.
    I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas full of love and joy.
    (BTW, Bill… I love “Mary Did You Know” also – we did that song in my Christmas concert when I was in the community chorus.)

  3. Hope you had a great Christmas, Cooper.

  4. MJ

    lovely .. on of my favorites as well .. Cheers for the Season!

  5. sinead does have a voice that’s fits this carol nicely. got to hear a version of o holy night at the service we attended that didn’t make me want to plug my ears. it was refreshingly beautiful.

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