qm – gonna party like it’s 1927

Welcome to the Queen’s Meme #66. We’re all about ones today in the year of the ones. Do the math.

1. What were you doing at 1:11 am on 1/11/11?
Praying that Dick Clark finally retires.

2. Did you watch the New Year’s Eve hoopla on television at midnight or did you make your own hoopla?
Made a donation to the Organ Donors Foundation in hopes they can find a new tongue for Dick Clark, as his was obviously torn out.  (I know I’m going to hell…you don’t have to remind me)

3. I know this is a tired meme question and really should be retired, but can you tell us just ONE of your New Year’s resolutions?
I resolve to be more resolute.

4.  What was the one greatest lesson you learned in 2010.
Cream cheese and goat meat do not a body lotion make….

5.  Can you recall a news story from 2010 that affected you greatly and/or personally?
Lady Gaga Performs on American Idol – two paragons of profound mediocrity join forces.  This is what makes America great.

6.  If you could have just one thing in 2011, what would it be?
A return to sanity

7.  Pick and age: 20 or 11. Which one was best for you and why?
Hmmm…11 was sixth grade…no that won’t do
20 – 1977 mostly…no I can’t say that was a stellar experience either.  Actually fall of 77 wasn’t bad…senior year in college…yeah, those stories are better left untold.



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19 responses to “qm – gonna party like it’s 1927

  1. Man alive, i actually like gaga and didn’t remember that. Must have really resonated with you 😉

  2. I only saw Carson Daly on TV for NYE…phew!

  3. snowelf

    Ha! Coops, I actually don’t mind Gaga either. She’s not my favorite or anything, but she’s okay. I can understand all the reasons she would turn your stomach a bit though.
    I think Dick Clark is a android.
    (As you know, I’m also going to hell. I’ll save you a seat.)


  4. Some delightfully witty answers here!

  5. > 1. What were you doing at 1:11 am on 1/11/11?

    Too early to tell. It is not here yet.


  6. i’d like to make a reservation in one of your suites in hell please. i fully expect dick clark has written in some contract and his will that when he dies he gets sent to the taxidermist who adds a voice box like on a talking doll so someone can just pull the string every new years eve.

  7. We would like to hear the untold stories.
    (and yes, I made a typo in #1. So sue me.)

  8. I was with you until you called Lady Gaga mediocre. On behalf of middle managers and legislators everywhere, please be careful not to use such generalities. The truly mediocre should not be painted with the same brush as Lady Gaga. Think of the children.

    • my apologies. my intention was not to offend the truly mediocre. next time i’ll be more specific and then you will really have to keep the children at bay.

  9. Sorry for piling on, but I forgot to mention your graphic about phone sex. I have Hearing Aids. It isn’t from phone sex. You get Hearing Aids from listening to too many assholes.

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