tasteless and/or unnecessary

Anything involving Kesha
Jersey Shore
Gefilte Fish
Mobile, Alabama
Taco Bell
American Idol
The three branches of idiocy: Executive, Legislative, Judicial
Dane Cook
Any movie involving Ben Stiller
Head cheese
Nude Beaches for the elderly (80+)
Creamed Corn
Fox “News” (including all the neo con blather/ranting shows)
Sandra Lee and her voice that can decalcify an armadillo
7th grade

Please feel free to contribute your own items in comments



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7 responses to “tasteless and/or unnecessary

  1. Oh yeah, I SO agree with these. Especially Fox News(ha not news) and any movie with Ben Stiller. Who paid money to see the Little Fokkers? Who is that stupid? I also think any news stories about the new speaker of the house is not worth my time. I know there’s a dozen more but they escape my mind at the moment.

  2. ah man. well, I am 3 out. *shruggs*… ah well, whatchagonnado. haha…

  3. -olive loaf
    -reality shows in general
    -kanye west
    -anything involving tom green
    -the 500 lb partner of a patient who let their 2 small children run amok and screaming in the office the entire duration of the appointment

  4. Perfect list! Plus I agree with the ones added by Lime.
    I also have to say the phrases:
    baby daddy
    memba them
    just sayin’
    And anything involving Pauley Shore.

    • good list…in the phrase dept, let me add:
      what I’m sayin’ (cousin to just sayin’)
      you go, girl (time for that one to just go)
      you da man (especially when spoken by white businessmen)
      The american people want…(when spoken by ANYONE in government)

  5. Oh, yeah, I forgot Oprah Winfrey and her new OWN network.

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