baker street mourns

it was the early summer of 1978. me and two college buds went on the standard post-grad trip across the country. times being what they were and the vehicle being what it was, there was no tape player (certainly no CD or mp3 players) so we relied on THE RADIO for our musical nourishment. Regardless of the city we visited every station was playing a new song by the unknown artist Gerry Rafferty, whom we later discovered was the lead behind Steelers Wheel (stuck in the middle with you).  Baker Street was getting massive airplay.  The song itself struck a chord due to the simple yet excellent sax work of Raphael Ravenscroft – whose name now sounds as if it represented the house of Hufflepuff.

Gerry Rafferty went on to have a few more hits but none as penetrating as Baker Street.  Gerry’s untimely passing at age 69 last week is sad, but never let it be said the he did not leave a small musical legacy for the world to enjoy.



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3 responses to “baker street mourns

  1. I really like that song Baker Street. I hadn’t heard that Gerry Rafferty had passed, how sad.

  2. Interesting you mentioned the sax work. That is my favorite part of Baker Street. As well as in Caribbean Queen and also several songs by Quarterflash. I loves me some good sax.


  3. I did know it was all over twitter just hours after it happened but many people thought it was a hoax the artists day of death was entered on his Wiki page but there was nothing in the press about it so everyone was confused. Such a great loss he will be missed.

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