and how’s your life?



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8 responses to “and how’s your life?

  1. snowelf

    There could not be a more perfect post to sum up my day.

    The second pic is pretty much everyone’s attitude towards me while trying to help them.


  2. completely described my day to a t.

  3. HA! Eating my oatmeal & blueberries (trying to be healthier) I damn near choked when I saw the 2nd cartoon — hilarious. Happy day, friend 🙂

  4. the first picture and one of your old sidebars pics (it’s been lovely but now i have to scream) pretty much sum it up for me.

  5. ROFL….I just followed the blog path from Xmichra.

  6. Your day planner is very abrasive and yet, I find myself relating to it. Am I abrasive by association?

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