been busy

i have a new toy.  as an apple newbie…i’m in the midst of learning the shortcuts.  but i have to say…there is an overwhelming sense of freedom breaking out of pc/ms land. yes, i know, the future is in iPhone, iPad, iLapDance…whatever.  but i like the big guy.  especially as it fits with my aging eyesight where  anything smaller than 1024 px font is unreadable…



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14 responses to “been busy

  1. Oh yeah. My MacBook Pro has a lovely 17 inch screen! I have a feeling I’ll be figuring out short cuts for the rest of my life. LOL.

  2. Oh, it’s purdy!!
    I really want a mac-book. I used to use a mac at one job many years ago, but have forgotten much more than I knew.
    Hope you have lots of fun with it.

  3. I am so not a Mac. The last encounter I had with a mac there was no eject button on the damn thing, and it just about erased my 3D ulta sound of Bella.
    So. Good luck with that…

  4. You cracked me up with your comment about my new profile picture. I never even thought about the ruffles and the name on the bottom being mistaken for a for a mug shot. HaHa
    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. snowelf

    Coops, you are welcome to come work with us any time, any day. you’d fit right in. Plus, we need someone that can use the lone mac we have in our office… 😉


  6. ooooh, the envy! i’ve owned only one pc. i hope never to own another one again. i’m going back to a mac if at all possible next time.

  7. logo™

    Ya know, I have certainly enjoyed fiddling with Macs from time to time but I’ve never felt die-hard about one or the other.
    However, Mr. Jobs and co. kinda bug me with their irefuse to be compatible crap.

    • the more i work with apple products…the more i realize that His-Steveness’s position on compatibility comes from not wanting to downgrade the effectiveness of his product with the mediocrity of microsoft/adobe etc etc programming. it’s engineering vs. coding, like building the space shuttle of the local Ford plant…

  8. control q to close an app.
    control e to eject a disc or usb device
    control + to enlarge the image on your monitor
    control – to make it smaller
    control w to close a window (actually close it, not minimize it)
    control shift n to create a new folder
    control r to refresh a web page
    you’ll love your Mac…

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