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Welcome to The Queen’s Meme #69

Are you bored? Well I’m about to perk you up with a few board game questions. Ever played Pick Up Stix? It’s a blast. My brothers and I used to play every weekend at my aunt’s house.  Pretend you’re 12, pop a big bowl of popcorn, stretch out on the carpet or set up the card table and let’s play! Oh, BTW… These are my games and my rules. Just so ya know…

1. Twister

Who would you like to get your arms and legs tangled up with?
Stephen Hawking…it’s an easy win (yep…just added another room to my suite at the Hades Hilton)
2. Monopoly
You have just landed on Boardwalk and collected a nice sum in rent payments.
Which Monopoly token do you want to be when you grow up?
having played muppet monopoly over the holidays i lay claim to animal….

3. Candyland

This game is based on The Legend of The Lost Candy Castle. Did you know that? The object of the game is to reach the Candy Castle. But in my game, the object is to avoid the dungeon that is in the Candy Castle.  You must swim through the Ice Cream Sea to be victorious.
What is your flavor?
peppermint gumbo

4. Operation
You are the surgeon. You have the tweezers in your hand. It is time to remove the most irritating person or thing in your life.
What is the name of this organ?
the sweeping intersection of my right distal phalanges with the gluteal medius of several species of lower life forms known as tractatus hemorrroidum

5. Sorry!
I often say that success is the best revenge. Lucky for you!
Sorry! is a game of sweet revenge.
What is your strategy for success today?
a chair on the beach with a drink, umbrella, warm sunshine and a stack of books.
6. Wheel of Fortune!
It’s your spin. You have just landed on a surprise vacation package.
It’s yours if you can name the destination with 3 vowels and 2 consonants.
_ap   _ u l u _
a” i’ll take the 5000 square foot 5 bedroom beach front pool villa at a mere 4795 a night…that’s $4,795 a night.

7. Clue
Miss Scarlet (that’s you) is in the Library with the knife. Who did she kill and why?
Col. Mustard, for what he did to Mrs. White in the Lounge with the “lead pipe”….yeah right.


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13 responses to “qm – board

  1. I tell you Col. Mustard is innocent! Innocent I tell you!
    It’s that brazen Ms. Scarlet.

    A chair on the beach?? MY beach? I lay claim (as you say) to all beaches.
    So let it be written. So let it be done.

    #4 made me wiggle in my seat. So unQueenly.

  2. the beach, yes…i most heartily concur. my pans for success today really did not involve slipping and bashing my knee on the effin woodpile and lawnmower when i went out in the snow to unlock effin manland so the exterminator could treat the place.

    limps off muttering curses under her breath and dreaming of the beach

  3. I like your strategy for success!

  4. Ha! I liked your strategy for success too!

  5. #5 Sorry! is a real hoot when under the influence; it was my favorite drinking game in college. But beer pong had not been invented way back then…


  6. #1 Somewhat surprised the name Meredith Salenger did not come up.


  7. Stephen Hawking @ Twister. Oh did I laugh at that .. followed nicely by the Col. Mustard/Library trickery. Great post .. just what I needed. Thanks Coop! MJ

  8. lol… that last one made me laugh out loud, it was so snarky I just couldn’t resist!!

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