mm – while we’re wandering in the 70s


ArtSnark asked if I was the cool record store guy or the freaky know it all.  Tune -in on Friday as more will be written about those wonderful days in the record store…in the meantime, from the summer of 74 – the last summer I worked there prior to college…(complete with copy of Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow in tow…just the height of kewlness don’t you know)

Bloodrock was sort of Grand Funk Jr….Grand Funk pre-American Band days.  Both bands shared the garage band blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll approach.  Both bands were also being sucked dry by the criminal/producer Terry Knight.  Bloodrock garnered most of its attention from a song entitled DOA about the thoughts of a post-plane crash victim.  I cut a lot of my drummer’s teeth playing along with Bloodrock 2/Side 2.

Here are two (ha ha)of those songs.



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17 responses to “mm – while we’re wandering in the 70s

  1. Sorry can’t say I’ve heard either one of these, but I’m sure the hubby has being a musician himself, but he plays lead guitar as you must have seen on my blog today. I can see why you cut your teeth as you say on these songs being a drummer. My brother was also a drummer, but he cut his teeth on an old song called, “Rebel Rouser”, and “Wipe Out”. Thanks for playing along today I’ll be sure to send the hubby (The Moody Mix) over to hear these two. Haven’t seen you in a while. Glad to hear from you again & thanks for playing. Hope to see you next week too! Have a great musical week.

  2. I haven’t heard of these either – but I bet my hubby has. I enjoyed listening – and especially reading about the back story in connection with you cutting your teeth drumming to them! 😉

    MMMM: Eclectic Mix

  3. Like the others, I don’t know this one and I feel kind of musically sheltered for saying that because they have such a really great sound. I bet my hubbie knows this band. Thanks for sharing this!

    • to say that my musical tastes ran towards the obscure is an understatement. that’s what happens when one’s after school gig is clerk in a record store…

  4. Always a refreshing place to stop. Thanks for something new (to me). 1 question: were you the cool record store guy or the freaky know it all?

    • i was the kewl store record guy. I loved that place and the people who owned it. i would help out on sundays (this goes back to the days when downtown stores were CLOSED Sundays…by law) for no pay just to be in the place.

  5. These are very interesting. Thanks for sharing your tunes!!

    Glad you are rocking with us today.

    Aloha! 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

  7. dammit, i wish my frakkin sound card worked so i could hear this stuff.

    enjoy the wayback machine picture though and looking forward to the promised story.

  8. Wow lovin’ this group I am not familiar with them but I like them!

  9. DOA was the oddest piece; strange that was what became popular. We had been in a serious traffic accident, some 15 yo kid on a learner permit ran a stop sign and t-boned our car. One ’65 Mustang totalled and Mom with some fractures. We kids were OK, though my little brother had to get stitches for when window fragments cut up his face. That “song” was popular at the time and seemed to be on the radio several times each hour.

    I really liked Grand Funk at the time but never noticed any similarities between the bands, never knowing the Knight connection.


  10. I’ve never heard of this either, but I like it a lot. I also am a fan of Grand Funk.
    Sorry it took me so long to get over here this week, it’s been a really busy week.
    I love checking out your music choices because they are always unique. Hope you come back next week – we are doing “Love Month” for February… I can only imagine what you will post. 🙂

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