here’s the deal….

so deal with it….



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6 responses to “here’s the deal….

  1. THAT was brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    • the sad part is that even after that eloquent speech, they still passed a bill to ban same-sex marriages.
      another blow against common sense…

      • That young man is such an eloquent speaker!
        I cannot believe that they STILL voted to ban same-sex marriage.
        It is utterly ridiculous… it has nothing to do with my rights as a human being as a heterosexual, so let everyone who wants to get married.
        Stupid, stupid people!!

  2. I can’t believe we’re even still arguing about this, let alone passing amendments.
    The state should have NO right to decide who visits who in the hospital. The whole God-damned argument could have been decided by a collective shrug of the shoulders. The moment you decide you need to fix someone elses morality, you have determined that it’s your morality that needs work – but you’ll probably never see it.

    One thing, though. Once gay marriage is accepted, and it will be, I want there to be a gay divorce channel. That’s gonna be some fun shit, right there.

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