music revolution

1974 – High school senior working my dream job at The Music Staff, the downtown record store.  My friend Nancy K. visited asking about Lane Changer.  I’d never heard of it but Ric, my boss, said it was due out soon.  Came to find out that Lane Changer was the title and Michael Fennelly was the artist.  Not only that, but Mr. Fennelly was a local guy who, at one time, had worked in The Music Staff (and lived close to my friend Nancy K).  This was the same Michael Fennelly who wrote the song Go Back as part of the California-based Crabby Appleton.  Anyway, Lane Changer was released.  It rocked.  I got to meet Michael once when he popped into The Music Staff post-LC release to say hello.  I still have the album.  I have several of the songs in rotation on my iPod.

He produced one more solo effort, Stranger’s Bed, that suffered from a bad album pressing and was yanked off the shelves by Mercury (at least in our neck of the woods).  There were rumors that Michael was going to join the band

Argent, as some of the members of that troupe were musicians on Lane Changer.

Anyway – one of the better cuts off Lane Changer.  Was happy to find it on YouTube.

btw, the 359 in the Music Staff window?  Yeah.  That’s what single albums sold for in 1974.  Did I also mention I had a mad crush on Michael’s sister who worked at the stationery store two doors away?  Must have slipped my mind…

And from the first Crabby Appleton LP

played this ceaselessly on my college radio station…to the point where i got requests for it….



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5 responses to “music revolution

  1. I am LOVING your revolution this week. All of these songs were new to me. They are now all added on my iPod. Thank you!!!

  2. very cool memories! now if i could just get the frakkin sound card to work.

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